Why is /D.O.P.E./ a verb?

While often used as an adjective to describe something or someone that is creative, innovative, or defying norms, we flipped that script.  We say /D.Ø.P.E./ is a verb because change requires more than inspired thought, it requires an active push.  To be D.Ø.P.E. means you are actively sharing transformative knowledge and taking actions to bring about social change. 

/D.Ø.P.E./ is a verb and a movement! It is a platform and an instrument to advocate for change. Through conversation series, events, and apparel we seek to elevate and amplify the work of individuals and organizations who are committed to equity and justice. 

If the verb fits, wear it!

More than merchandise, /D.Ø.P.E./ is a movement! It is a brand that celebrates and highlights those who are pushing for change. This isn’t about what happens inside of brick-and-mortar school buildings or institutions. It’s about sharing and building of knowledge that can bring true change in ANY setting.  

If you are using your classroom, office, dinner table, company, salon, or social media to actively push education that dismantles oppression and injustice, then the verb definitely fits you. So wear it loud and proud!

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